Fruit bowls are an interesting way of either improvising or devising a unique smoking experience, either


This is a complete and used Braeburn apple bowl, the shisha of choice: Mint.

using an apple or a pineapple.

Don’t get this Author wrong, there are a plethora of other exotic fruits you could use to craft a bowl, but I only have experience using these 2.

Fruit bowls tend to keep shisha moister, while at the same time altering the desired smokes flavor. For example when using a Braeburn apple with mint shisha, the smoker will notice that the Mint will be cut by a sugary sweet (almost marshmallowie) flavor and scent. At the same time the apple helps keep the tobacco moist and helps trap all the juices of the bowl inside for a longer smoking session.

Another example is when using a Pineapple; the acidic sweetness can cut a bitter flavor such as black cherry or raspberry and help “lighten” the flavor. Or one can even combine the pineapple’s flavor with strawberry banana shisha and enjoy a smooth “smoothie”.

Fruit Bowls are cheap and easy to create, but they also tend to be slightly expensive in the long run as you have to dispose of the bowl after the bowl is “dead”. Great for special occasions, or even every day use if you happen to have a large amount of hard fruit laying about.